Origins of Dragon Boat Racing in Washington

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Dragon boat racing is directly related to the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. The festival is one of the top Chinese holidays and it is held on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. The origins behind the festival and the eventual evolution into dragon boat racing as an actual sport are somewhat vague. The primary legend revolves around Quan Yu, who was a poet and statesman in ancient China. He is said to have thrown himself in the river either because of his capital city being captured or simply because he was so disgusted by Continue reading »


Origins of Dragon Boat Racing

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Dragon boat racing is a popular sport that originated in China but has since spread to the rest of the world. The use of colorful boats makes the sport even more captivating to the observers, and knowing the history only makes it more special. Take a moment to learn about the legendary beginnings of dragon boat racing.

Dragon boat racing received its start during the Warring States period in China. At the time, there was a respected poet by the name of Qu Yuan. Due the corruption of the government, this poet went to commit suicide by Continue reading »


Ways to Improve Your Dragon Boat Racing

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Dragon boat racing is an amateur paddling sport consisting of pairs of paddlers, a drummer and sweep, or steersman. With a history of more than 2000-years, dragon boat racing has deep roots in ancient Chinese folk ritual. In modern times, the sport remains competitive, and there are many ways to improve dragon boat racing techniques.

The rowing aspect of this sport is one of the most important components. However, the paddling technique differs significantly from a rowing movement used in kayaking and canoeing. The entire stroke is actually composed Continue reading »


Interesting History of Dragon Boat Races

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Dragon boat races can be traced back to a time about 2,500 years ago in China. Dragon boat racing is an old tradition, and has been tied to religious and ritualistic affairs. The majority of the time, dragon boat racing takes place in festivals and fairs as a grand event that showcases the talent, beauty, art, and history of dragons.
Although the act itself is very similar to canoeing, the intentions behind it differ quite drastically. Dragon boat racing is done for several reasons, most of them tracing back to tradition of ancestors.
Nowadays, dragon Continue reading »


Fun Things to Do: Dragon Boat Races

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The dragon boat is traditional human-powered, long, paddle watercraft that originated in Asia. The standard size boats normally hold 22 crew members, though the boats vary in size and length. The smaller boats can hold as little as ten crew members, while the larger boats can hold as many as fifty.
The dragon boat crews consist of an even number of paddlers that are seated in pairs paddling beside each other. The crew also has a drummer also known as the heartbeat of Continue reading »


Dragon Boat Races Around the World

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Dragon boat racing around the world has become a tradition in Hong Kong, China, Greece and Olympia to name of few places. The racing is just as popular now here in the United States. The boats are made of teak wood and are of no special size but do have designs of dragons on them. They are paddle boats and place 20 people in them to paddle the boats. If you want to participate in the races you have to be 18 and you must be able to swim 300 feet.

The boat races are a festival Continue reading »


Dragon Boat Races

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What are those 22 people doing out there in a boat that looks like a dragon? They are people having fun and racing to the end. This boat is 46 feet long and has 10 seats.
The dragon boats are made like the ones in Hong Kong. Twenty two people occupy the space on this boat and they each have a responsibility to uphold.
Twenty of these people are paddlers and must pay attention to what is going on around them so they know when to lift their oar and be ready to paddle. It is all Continue reading »


Washington Dragon Boat Races

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Dragon boat racing originates from ancient China as a tribute to the political leader Chu Yuan who lived between 340 and 278 BCE. The annual event in Washington DC hosts races between four brightly colored long boats decorated with dragons’ heads and tails. Each boat is painted with dragon scales of either green, red, blue or yellow.

Participants of the festival compete in sprint races of either 250 meters or 500 meters in either the festival or premier category. Races are further divided into open, women’s, mixed and youth divisions.

The premier teams are made up of professional athletes who come to Washington DC Continue reading »


Family Vacation Fun: Dragon Boat Races

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Dragon boat racing consists of a boat (much like a kayak) where a team of paddlers use ores to propel the boat quickly across the water. The boats were traditionally made in the Pearl River Delta region of China, hence why they are called “Dragon Boats.” People from china traditionally raced them for bragging rights by challenging other villages to a race. However, dragon boat racing isn’t like kayak racing, the dragon race also has ties to Continue reading »


Ways to Enjoy Your Weekend: Watch Dragon Boat Races

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Dragon Boat races date back to Ancient China 2,500 years ago along the Yangtze River. Dragon Boat races were once part of religious ceremonies and folk customs and today have become an international sport.

Today, Dragon Boats are decorated with a dragon head and tail with a series of 16 to 20 pairs of paddlers in between, including the caller or drummer at the bow facing the rowers and the steer guy or sweep sitting at the rear. The boats vary in length and will dictate the number of rowers.

Dragon Boat Racing has become an annual event in major Continue reading »